November 26, 2013

the book of kisses

cubist kiss
 salad kiss

November 22, 2013

more late shows..the Wallery at the Roll-Up gallery in SF

As I go very late with these updates - mainly what I post here are things I have worked on - to see how they standup the test of being online. But here is another exhibition detail from July of this year.
I was one of the illustrators whose work traveled to San Francisco's Roll-Up gallery with the Wallery project. I very much like what Wallery is doing, there are many great designs (here are mine).

I spent a lot of time in SF/Bay Area in my teens and early twenties - but traveling there still feels like going to a different land. Here are a few fotos:

November 21, 2013

In Sharjah

In March of this year I was invited as one of the judges in Sharjah International book fair Illustrator's exhibition. An unexpected and a rather amazing experience..below are some photos.

November 20, 2013

forest for kids

 I have been getting requests for posters for kids, here are some forest animal experiments on black

November 11, 2013

from an expo on November 1, 2013 at Mundo Azul, in Berlin

Earlier this year in April I met a group of illustrators during a trip to Sharjah (please see above). We shared many laughs during our adventures and decided to put together a small group show, which I helped to organize in Mundo Azul, Berlin - a great space for all things books, kids and illustration.

with Nooshin Safakhoo, Marta Tonin, Junko Nagano and Elsa Klever