May 16, 2012

and more books...

I have been at work on a number of projects and re-work of old ones. I believe some of these have appeared earlier here and there, but wanted to post some info with more details of these.
Where the butterflies go was a childrens book created in collaboration with Jakob Straub - who wrote the story. It's a story of redwood trees in California.

as well - one of my first works got a makeover and and some text -  I am happy with results. It's lyrical story of a day in the sky.

... and more books

Many projects this year. Looks like another book is being picked up by french publisher I love (more info soon) this was written last year - A cup of tea for a Queen. I am really excited..

books! books!

This year a few books are making it to print the first of these is Mole and Frog - which is being published as part of international fairy tale project by the Meridian Group. The book will be available in English and Chinese.


Recently some of my works were exhibited in a children's book fair en United Arab Emirates which took place from April 23-May 10 of this year. I was not able to attend - but here are some of the works that were on display.